Fix Your Company Vision

By July 6, 2020Video

Gregory J. Newell is the Chairman of the International Commerce Development Corporation and the former U.S. Ambassador to Sweden. He explains problems with companies’ visions and explains elements that are needed to create an effective vision.



What are common problems that most companies have with their vision?

Gregory J. Newell:

That it’s not broad and deep enough. That it tends to be situational. Wanting to have the next quarter or the next year or a short period of time results that are tied with money only.

It goes back to the strategy. It goes back to a vision. Again, what you see, and a vision, in my judgment, is not that we all in our organization, (maybe we American or French or Mexican or Japanese or Chinese and Russian) that we not all come together with the vision that’s unilateral.

But the but the vision from the founders of the vision is not a straight line or a straight channel. It opens the vista for all of us to contribute. So the vision with contributors across the company broaden and then deepen.

And one also in my judgment has to have in can the mission much more than the body line of the company in Peoria or Los Angeles or Chicago or Knoxville. It has to be, to be sustainable, it has to be the purpose of improving the quality of life.